Conquering Violence – the BJJ Brick Podcast:


As many of you know, for the last four years I’ve been working on a book about violence, self-defense, and Martial Arts.

For the first time publicly, on this podcast, I go over my book’s general thesis for dealing with violence, which goes under the acronym M.I.N.D.

Rather than detailing it again here, I’d encourage you to listen to it in totality, here: Matt’s Oct 2016 Violence Interview Podcast,

Topics covered include:

– Developing a healthy relationship to violence.

– Addressing the “street versus sport” fallacy.

– The use of “boy-speak” in RBSD.

-Why it isn’t the conclusion, but the method used to arrive at the conclusion, that matters most.

– The importance of meritocracy and competition.

– Aliveness and the epistemology of functional martial arts.

– What separates SBG from many other organizations.

– What all SBG coaches have in common.

– What defines a fundamental – that which is most important.

– Is violence getting worse, or is it becoming less frequent?

– The problem with pacifism.

– The role combat sports can play in working through issues related to violence – even at a meta level.

– The importance of critical thinking – and the 3 step process used to teach it.

– What kills most Americans – prioritizing threats.

– Why manners betray your class.

– Appropriate Response Training – A.R.T.

– Why a lack of maturity is the #1 problem as it relates to the majority of violence in the western world.

– The importance of out of wedlock birthrates as it relates to predicting violent crime rates.

– The truth about what is often labeled a “gun problem” in the USA.

– Why poverty doesn’t explain the majority of violent crime.

– Defining maturity.

– The role pre-frontal cortex damage plays in low impulse control.

– The vital role fathers play in reducing violent crime rates.

– Race and crime in the United States.

– The #1 killer of under 35 African American males.

– Why the scary stranger in the alley isn’t your biggest threat.

– What is a Character Disordered Individual – CDO?

– Teaching kids to deal with bullies.

– The distinction in tactics between boy and girl bullies.

– Developing skill in assertiveness and banter.

– Primal Instincts/ Primal Knowledge.

– Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for fighting and self-defense.

– Training striking for self-defense, the healthy way (updating software and not damaging the hardware)

– My thoughts on Krav Maga, and other similar “RBSD” arts.

– Dealing with multiple attackers.

– The importance of physical fitness.

– Do American police have an excessive force problem?

– Why don’t police officers get additional training?

– The speed at which violence occurs.

– The difference between MMA and self-defense.

– Detailing the M.I.N.D. method.

– The single most important thing, as far as staying safe.

– The root cause of most violent crime in America.

You’ll also find mention of my coach, Chris Haueter; as well as Rickson Gracie, Paul Sharp, William April, John Kavanagh, Karl Tanswell, Adam Singer, Ray Price, Conor McGregor, and SBG as a whole.

Again, listen to the full interview here: Matt’s Oct 2016 Violence Interview Podcast,

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