-June 2017 Peter Boghossian in Conversation With Matt Thornton About PDX Train Stabbing


April 26th 2016 -Did you ever wonder what training was like when SBG first began, 20 plus years ago? Original SBG member & BJJ black belt, Eric Hemphill, discusses it all here.
Eric comes from the first generation of SBG students, and he was always one of the best.


-December 2015 Matt gives a talk on violence at Wichita State University.


– August 2015 Matt and head coach of SBG Ireland John Kavanagh talk about what SBG is.

This is SBG – You will be OK from Kyle Littlejohn on Vimeo.


– July 2015 Watch Dr. Peter Boghossian and I discuss Jiu-Jitsu, Atheism, God, Liberalism and values. Thanks to musician Buck Bowen @truthb4comfort for the video.



– July 2015 Justin Garcia of the Pressure Project podcast talks about Matt’s organization SBG



– July 2015 An hour long talk and Q&A on Skepticism & the Martial Arts, given in April of 2015.



– January 2015 Matt Thornton interviewed for Front Row MMA in the UK:



– June 2014 some kind words from BJJ Legend, Professor Fabio Santos (Fabio video here)



– May 2014 Skepticism & the martial arts:



– Sept 2013 “Streetfighting” and the martial arts:



– July 2013 Matt’s Ireland tour in video:



– April 2013 That’s Jits – That’s SBG.



– Jan 2013 Matt talks business, personal development, and martial arts for TRACE.



– Feb 2012 Skepticism & Spirituality in the Martial Arts with Matt Thornton.